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Our Origin Story

Home Grown Plants began in the fall of 1986 in my back yard.  I was like the three little pigs.  I built a greenhouse out of PVC and the big bad wind blew it down.  Then I built one out of electrical conduit and the big bad wind blew that one down.  Then I taught myself a little about structural engineering and that greenhouse survived (I still get regular visits from the big bad wind.) 


I was a drummer by night, a landscaper by day, and a nurseryman in-between.  We relocated to our present site in 1988 and built a single greenhouse.  You only need to visit us in Farmersville, Texas to see the rest of the story.  We are commercial flowering plant growers but are rapidly becoming a thriving retail garden center.  I began in the arts, then built a business.  Now I believe we have come full circle by turning our business into an expression of art.  Our growers are gifted, talented, and committed individuals determined to create a special product in a very special place.  We are not just growing plants; we are creating an experience.

Albert Evans,


Our Vision
We have created a destination.

Our goal is to offer an experience of beauty and personal expression through gardening and landscaping.

We hope to transfer our love of flowers and plants to you.
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